The Legacy Lie

The Legacy Lie

Everyone begins life in their mother’s womb. This time within your mother is supposed to be a place of nurturing, safety, and growth. People thought that during this time in the womb, a fetus wasn’t conscious until birth.  However, it seems that your time in the womb is the start of the outside world influencing you. This influence will continue throughout your first seven years of life after you are born.  Research has shown that your mother’s moods, foods, and emotions will have a direct influence on your development. 

If your mother drank alcohol, ate excess sugar, or used pharmaceuticals during your time in the womb, it directly influenced your development physically, emotionally, and Cogentially.  Every emotion that your mother had during your time inside of her also influenced your growth.  Emotions such as fear, anger, happiness, joy, and depression affected the hormones within her. These emotions altered her ability to make other hormones, proteins, neurotransmitters, digestive juices. Which would change other body processes such as digestion, oxygen transfer in the lungs, circulation, waste removal, and sleep.

Once you were born, you were a new human being without experience, with innate instincts determined by your genetic makeup.  You knew how to suckle, digest food, poop, pee, and cry when you were hungry. You absorbed knowledge from your surroundings through your senses. You learned to speak from the voices of your parents and siblings. You knew the shapes, colors, and uses of items from watching your family as they utilized things such as forks, plates, drinking glasses. You differentiated colors from wearing clothes to playing with different types of toys. As a baby, you listened to different sounds to associate the sound with an object or person. You learned kittens make mewing sounds, puppies make yipping sounds, and cows go moo.  You learned to distinguish the voices of your parents, siblings, and other people. During your first sevens years of life, you received training from your parents and later society on the rules of conduct, your family traditions, and customs.  This training made you a member “In good standing” of your tribe.  You became a well-behaved child with proper manners and the ability to follow the instructions of your parents, teachers, preachers, and tribal elders. 

You received the information and training to keep the seven-year-old “you” from getting in trouble and keep you safe. This set of instructions plays in your subconscious as a continuous loop in the back of your mind, ever on guard to protect you.

Your subconscious mind uses these instructions to gauge your actions on whether they are safe or not safe to perform. Your subconscious evaluates your surroundings using these instructions to determine if anything unusual in your environment is dangerous. Your subconscious uses this information to compare previous life experiences to strange events to determine if you have had a prior course of action to solve this current event. Your subconscious prefers the familiar over anything new.

This set of instructions influences all your decisions as an adult, from your choice of career, financial decisions, and people who you find attractive. So? How do you feel that a “seven-year-old” is running your life?  Further, this “inner child” is unwilling to change without permission from a recognized adult, such as a parent or other authority figure.  Worse, this “inner child” does not recognize you as an adult. So, what can you do?

Daniel Ybarra © 2021

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